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The Danger of Surface Knowledge

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Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover You were probably told not to judge a book by its cover at least once in your childhood, but how often do you apply that advice in your adult life? If it has been a while since this idea crossed your mind, you may want to spend some…Read More

How to prioritize family over business

IFO 7-day Weekly Planner

Last week, my friend Rob asked me, “What are you going to do in January when your baby comes and you’re trying to run a business?”  I basically told him, “Well, I’ve got some wonderful business-women friends who have been in my shoes and I’m going to hire them to help automate myself for 4…Read More

Successful Employees Create Successful Customers

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Successful Employees Create Successful Customers    You have done the work to establish a business concept that can be profitable. You have developed products and/or services that are in demand and of high value. You have even invested in branding and marketing to maximize exposure for long-term success. Now you are relying upon your employees…Read More

Why is it good to know what you’re good at?

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On September 15th, my friend Heather hosted her town-wide PLTI* project for our town which was a free Family Fun Day: Learn through Play event.  I was very fortunate to have been chosen as one of her volunteers because I helped assist people with the Born Learning Trail. ** The purpose of the event was…Read More

Goodbye blog issues!

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Goodbye blog issues! Time to be honest now.  I have had such issues with this blog and realized just now that it’s time to get back in the game and stop trying to outsource my voice. Earlier this year, I hired a writer to help me with a few articles.  While I loved how beautiful…Read More

NAMWE’s Guiding Principles and Beliefs

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How to write an Operations Manual

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 Operations Manuals are a must for everyone from solopreneurs > large corporations One of the biggest “iffy” factors a corporation has when trying to choose a new vendor is having the ability to trust that a new vendor won’t let them down.   Think about it, they take a chance on a new solopreneur they don’t…Read More