Janet, do you believe in working with business school student teams?


Answer: Absolutely!  In fact, I have the opportunity to work with a soon-to-be graduate right now who will be helping me create my marketing calendar for 2012-2013.   Notice that I say – opportunity.  It’s an opportunity for me because I get more eyes on my projects from a different perspective which helps me to see…Read More

February 2012: Featured speakers!


Hi again, Janet here.  This is not a featured member, this is stock photography   However, this can be you!  During this pre-launch phase of NAMWE, I’d like to feature our guest speakers in this prominant spot on our homepage.  The feature includes a write up of you, your company, and the subject you are…Read More

Coaching Commons: The Road Less Traveled


In January 2008, Andrea J. Lee wrote the first post for the Coaching Commons. She said ”We believe there is something needed in the coaching world, something that’s been missing that this place (The Coaching Commons) will fill. Enough people believe this to be the case that there is energy, inspiration, action, and funding to make a go…Read More

For Coaches: Create Your Online Video, Part 4


Coach Dian Reid has built her business around the idea of living an authentic life. “When you live in your authenticity, you don’t ignore your fears, you don’t sidestep them, you don’t cover them up; you work through those fears,” she writes. “In your authenticity, you honor your fears and feel them out. You test…Read More

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