How to use Innovative Suggestion Boxes


You call it a suggestion box.  I call it an “innovation” box.   Your employees are a wealth of information and knowledge – knowledge that can help you grow your business.  Plus, caring about your employee’s ideas builds morale and establishes a culture of respect and innovation. That’s what your potential customers are always looking…Read More

How to Prioritize your Goals

Get your goals off your hard drive and post in a prominent area where employees can view them frequently and track progress.

Go visual with your goals! Setting and achieving goals is such an important aspect of running a successful business.  Normally, we hear about setting stretch goals which are challenging goals to work toward.   Oftentimes, people talk about setting SMART Goals in which the acronym stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. This is great…Read More

Take a Step Toward Success

Thanks for returning to the National Association of Minority Women Entrepreneurs blog. I’d like to highlight one of the many benefits of NAMWE, a free e-course called Free Flowing Life and Work. This is an interactive experience with an audio portion and workbook, in which you’ll learn information and apply it immediately to your life,…Read More