Why Cross-train your Employees (and VA’s too!)

Cross-training...at a young age!

 Cross-training in the Workplace Cross-training is not just for athletes.  Cross-training programs in your business help you leverage your employees’ knowledge for the strength of your company. Oftentimes, employers see training as a waste of time and money.  Sometimes, they would prefer to hire a new, experience, or previously trained employee vs. taking the time…Read More

2012 MWE Tele-summit

National Association of Minority Women Entrepreneurs 2012 MWE Tele-summit Monday, August 20th –Tuesday, August 21st We are looking for 12 speakers! Help us launch our new association!   Are you interested in sharing your entrepreneurial story? Do you want to encourage, motivate, and inspire other minority women entrepreneurs? Do you want to potentially find clients…Read More

Why Environmental Stewardship is Important

solar panel

Environmental Stewardship is key – especially now My husband and I haven’t had cable for about 3 years but we’re Netflix subscribers.  One thing that I love about Netflix is all of the documentaries – especially the documentaries about saving the environment.  I learn so much with Netflix (I didn’t expect that!), and yet when…Read More

How to Give Your Employees (VA’s too) a Stake in Success

group of people

Give your employees (VA’s too) a stake in success! Almost ten years ago, I had the opportunity to have an executive at General Electric as my company mentor for one year.  I learned so much during this time.  At GE, they have something called a gain-sharing program. A gain-sharing program is separate from individual rewards…Read More

How to Reward for Performance [throw away the time clock]

Time clocks can hurt productivity.  Do you care more about rewarding for time spent or for performance?

Punching in and out…Throw away the time clock! Does this sound familiar to you?   Employees come to work to work for 40 hour per week and when they punch out, that’s it.  No more work. The salaried personnel are expected to put in as much time as necessary to complete projects without any regard…Read More

How to set up Productive Teams

Employees as super hero's?  Sure, why not?

What are teams in business for anyway? Teams are groups of people in your organization that undertake real goals – in our best interest, a real improvement project. Teams are important not only for your bottom line but for the morale of your employees.  Through teams, your employees are actively learning to become leaders.  They…Read More