Why Cross-train your Employees (and VA’s too!)

 Cross-training in the Workplace

Cross-training...at a young age!

Cross-training is not just for athletes.  Cross-training programs in your business help you leverage your employees’ knowledge for the strength of your company.

Oftentimes, employers see training as a waste of time and money.  Sometimes, they would prefer to hire a new, experience, or previously trained employee vs. taking the time to train their own staff.

However, cross-training can be a great way to revitalize your employees and help them contribute more to your company.  At first, you may be tempted to just send key employees to conferences and to share their new knowledge.  This is fine in the beginning.  But, the challenge is to engage all of your employees…to get all of them empowered and sharing ideas.

Here are the POSITIVE messages your employees receive when you initiate cross-training programs:

  1. You are investing in them – their well-being and their future with your company.
  2. You have a high level of respect for your employees and that you have confidence in their abilities.
  3. You care about their suggestions and improvement ideas.

Revitalization is key.  The last thing that you want for your company is a bunch of robots that do the same tasks day in and day out.  You want your employees to be more than just another set of hands.  You want employee to do more than simply follow directions.  You want your employees engaged.

Homework assignment:

Strike up conversations with your employees to find out what they are interested in learning – outside of their own department or current area of responsibility.  Then, strive to make the connection between what they want to learn and creating the learning opportunities that are meaningful to each individual.


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