About Founder

About Janet Johnson, NAMWE Founder and President

When you think of Janet, picture corporate Vice President and CFO meets shop girl in jeans and a t-shirt meets mom working from her desk at home.  You can’t put Janet in a box because she has done everything and been everything!

Whether Janet is helping her international corporate customer plan their production schedule…

or teaching a small business client how to read their financial statement…

or giving a Reiki session to an individual in pain,

…you’re dealing with the same person. For seventeen years, Janet has given her all to each one of her customers and clients equally – regardless of company size, sales, so-called status, etc.  Janet is Janet.

Meet Janet Johnson, 33 year old first generation Filipina American, Parent Leader, and president and founder of the National Association of Minority Women Entrepreneurs.  She is a learning addict, oftentimes taking classes in anything from Dale Carnegie Human Relations courses to becoming certified in Reiki.  From a young age, it was clear that Janet was a hard worker.  She started working for her parents at 12 years old when her parents started their manufacturing company serving the most prominent cosmetic companies – Avon, MAC, and Mary Kay to name a few.  With a skeleton crew of only fourteen employees shipping millions of lipstick tube parts to four different countries each week, Janet learned how to be a resourceful, efficient, and agile entrepreneur.

In 2009, Janet launched her first business, Quail Run Ventures, LLC and soon became known as the financial management and productivity expert serving specifically minority-owned, woman-owned, and veteran-owned businesses.  Janet’s greatest love (besides her family of course) is teaching.  Using  her life experience as a learning tool, she helps her clients turn once-frustrating aspects of running a business into aspects that “aren’t so bad.”  ”Once hard…now easy,” is one of Janet’s mottos.

On a personal note, Janet is big into rescuing and giving gently-used books to children in need to the tune (so far) of 12,000 pounds of shipments to three different continents.    Empowering entrepreneurs through teaching, community outreach, and family are Janet’s three main passions in life.

Janet Johnson graduated from Quinnipiac College in 2000 with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Management and from Quinnipiac University in 2002 with her Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  As of May 2012, she is a recent graduate from the Parent Leadership Training Institute.

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