Focused Business Plan System™

Janet Johnson, President and Founder of the National Association of Minority Women Entrepreneurs has created a proprietary Focused Business Plan System to help entrepreneurs create sustainable and successful businesses.  These are the steps of the System.


1) Commit valuable time and energy for creating a solid business foundation.  To do this, entrepreneurs must welcome change and analyze clearly and effectively for the good of all employees, vendors, and customers.  We know that your time is valuable therefore we’ll help you carve out the time to do this.

2) Focus all activities on providing value to customers – value as determined by the customer.  To do this, entrepreneurs will learn how to map out the big picture and to identify areas for improvement.

3) Redesign the work space for efficiency.  Say goodbye to clutter and say hello to clarity and streamlined operations. Entrepreneurs learn how to create a visual work flow system.

4) Analyse the external environment.  Get our heads out of the sand and see how our operations compares to the competition’s.  Technology, processes, products, services, communication, etc.  We cover all of the bases.

5) Nurture, encourage, and mine the company team for their ideas for improvement.  What…business owners don’t know EVERYTHING already?!  Yes that’s right.  Entrepreneurs learn how to gather their team’s different perspectives and suggestions that could make their company go from good to great.

6) Celebrate successes – every day/always.  The world’s greatest quality-certified companies aim for continuous improvement every day…isn’t your company one of the world’s greatest and shouldn’t you do so as well?

7) Create action plans and start making positive change.  Let’s face it.  People HATE change.  Let’s gently persuade your team to embrace change especially if it benefits their well-being and your company’s profitability.


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